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Whether it’s for yourself or others, despite what a lot of people say about it being "just another day", we believe that your birthday should be special. So, why not make it "just another great day" with a special offer from us! You made it through another year and we aim to make your birthday as memorable as possible. Get ready for your great day by taking a look at some of these ideas:

For Your Loved Ones

We believe that your birthday shouldn’t .
just another day!

For Her

Treat yourself or give her a gift that says it all. Here are some ladies' birthday celebration ideas Read More

Treat Yourself

If you're spending the day enjoying your own company, then here are some ideas for you. Read More

For Him

Gifts that speak volumes. Take a look at the perfect guys' birthday celebration ideas.
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Anniversaries are important milestone events in everyone’s lives. Just as important, though, are those other opportunities to share a special occasion (e.g. Valentine’s Day), fun event or even an opportunity to tell someone you care for them (Mothers' and Fathers' Days).
As an active member of the Love Your Life family, we'll remind you of ocasions and make suggestions where possible on how to make the most of these anniversaries and events.
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Wedding Anniversary Inspirations

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Choosing the Right Gift for your Anniversary Year

In the sections above, we have offered some ideas for gifts and activities to make your anniversary special. However, anniversary years are also symbolised by traditional and contemporary gifts, which often also have a flower, colour and gemstone associated with them as well. Read more